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So I know I post about you quite a lot, but I just can’t get over how truly perfect you are. Almost a year ago we met for the first time and I knew right away there was something about you that caught my attention. 8 months ago I would have never have guessed we would be such a great team, and that you would be the one I would end up wanting to spend the rest of my life with. This is the best relationship I have ever been in, and the only one I plan on being in for the rest of my life; I love you more than I can ever explain but just know it’s a shit ton. You’re wonderful, and I’m so grateful for you being in my life. Thank you for putting up with me all the time, I promise to always do the same for you. You da bomb babe. 😘😘 @stephentheunpredictable  #iloveyou #boyfriend #cute #hotaugustnights #injuly #victoriansquare #soulmate #loveofmylife #couple #weirdface #iadoreyou #mine #sparks #downtown


4/20? You mean 1/5 reduce your fractions did you even learn math

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I find it crazy how any of us can die at any moment yet we live our lives always planning for the future

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